Tuesday, 1 July 2008


“The Reservist: His Burning Sense of Patriotism”


• The contest is open to all Reservists in Major Services and Reserve Commands. All photos shall be in Black and white or Colored formats; published or unpublished, depicting AFP Reservist / s in action.
• Published photo entries must have been taken from January 2005 to present. (Note: Awards of winning entries would be subject to recall for violation of this provision.)
• All entries submitted automatically becomes the property of the AFP Reserve Force, as such, the contestants shall be required to submit an electronic copy.
• All entries shall be in uniform size of 15” x 21” pictures in landscape format mounted in 18” x 24” frames with borders.
• All pictures entered in the contest must be accompanied by 5” x 7” prints with the same cropping as entered in the contest plus brief description of the photo as to what, where and when the photo is taken.
• All entries will be submitted to their respective Reserve Commands.
• Composite photos, tricks shots or computer-manipulated photos shall be automatically disqualified. For verification purposes, electronic copy (in CD) of photos is required upon submission of entries.
• Photos that have won in any local or international contests are automatically disqualified.
• Photos previously used by AFP in any of its posters / information campaign materials are automatically disqualified.
• There shall be no registration fee.
• Major Services thru 8s and Reserve Commands shall create their own set of Board of Judges compose of five members who shall screen entries. Each Major Service / Reserve Command shall select the Top 3 (First, Second and Third) photos that shall be displayed during the culmination of the AFP National Reservist Week on 06 September 2008.
• There shall be an Overall First, Second and Third Photo out of the entries from RESCOMS. The Board of Judges for Overall Winners shall be the DCS for RRFD, J8, Two AFP PIO Representatives and Two Representatives from Defense Press Corps (DPC).
• The Committee of Public Information shall have the discretion to disqualify any entry found to be violating the rules of the contest.
• The decision of the Board of Judges shall be Final.
• Deadline for Submission of entries (Top 3) from Major Services / RESCOMs is on 16 August 2008 at Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Reservist and Reserve Force Development, J8, AFP, GHQ, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.


• Correct Subject: Does the photo focuses on the AFP Reservist / s his / her / their burning sense of Patriotism?
• Clarity: Is the entire photograph clearly focused?
• Rendition: Are the colors vivid, sharp and realistic?
• Composition: Is the principal subject immediately and clearly identified?
• Theme: Does the photo capture a truly Reservist / s patriotic moment?
• Message: Does the photo have a message? Is the message clear?
• Does the photo has a marvelous + instantaneous + spectacular overall impact on the audience?


• Medals (Sagisag ng Ulirang Kawal) to be awarded by different RESCOMs to their top 3 winners.

• Plaques of Recognition to be awarded by the GOHAS to the Top 3 Overall Winners, during the 29th AFP NRW Celebration.

29th AFP National Reservist Week

ØWith the Theme: “Laang-Kawal: Paglilingkod at Katapatan Alay sa Bayan” , the 29th AFP National Reservist Week commences its celebration proper on September 1st, culminating with Reservist Convention and Awarding Ceremonies on September 6th, Saturday, at Tejeros Hall, AFP Commissioned Officers’ Country, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

ØThe Reservists are Citizen-Soldiers of our Country whose solemn commitment is to nobly assist in Peace and Development.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

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